Bolt Round Plate
Conveyor Belt Fasteners

Long life and easy installation

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For use in surface and underground mining.
Enables users to increase the productivity of their conveyor systems as they have fewer breakdowns, reduce maintenance work and save money.
Suitable for conveyor belts with a strength of up to 1,600 N/mm and available in HQ galvanized carbon steel.

Belt stitching by means of profiled joint of R28 type is used
for conveyor belt joint meant for dry substances transportation
with heavy load as well as stony ones, especially, for coal in
mines. Range of application is 500-4000 m long conveyors.

– stitching performed with joints of R28 conveyor belt fasteners can replace glued and vulcanized joints;
– conveyor is ready for use immediately after completion of stitching;
– stitching is very simple to perform;
– belts can be joined: new with a new one, used with a used one, new with a used one;
– belt segment for an overlap is very small;
– stitching doesn’t damage on scrapers and conveyor drums and main of rollers because joints don’t stick out over the belt. 

R28 Conveyor Belt Fasteners Tools

R28 Tool
Advancing and fastening system is performed manually;
On-site installation;
Simple, safe, non-electrical tools;
Low cost and long life;
About 30-45 min. work time for belt 1000 mm compleate splice only.

R28 Conveyor Belt Fastenets
Simple installation method and tooling;
Strong and Durable;
Abrasion resistant;
Low cost, long life splice

R28 Conveyor Belt Fasteners
Low-profile design that reduces exposure to cleaner blades, skirt rubber, and return idlers;

Mechanical installation tools to reduce worker fatique and undeground safety increase.

Underground and surface mining, coal and hard rock, asphalt plants, pulp and paper, sand and gravel pits and quarries, cement and steel plants, industry and other demanding applications;
For conveyor belts from 8 mm thick with mechanical fastener ratings from 500 to 1600 N/mm.
R28 35016008-25

Range of application of R28 conveyor belt fasteners

Range of application of R28 conveyor belt fasteners is considerably wide, joints can be applied to all types of belts used in  mining. Joints as well as type of stitching have been developed mainly with a view to long strongly burdened conveyors. Stitching performed with a R28 conveyor belt fasteners successfully passed all the tests in many different mines. The  tests were conducted on the conveyors, belt joints of which hadn’t earlier stood the test while stitching performed with R28 conveyor belt fasteners have borne the test trouble-free. On the ground of tests conducted in the mines and tests carried out in laboratories on the strength machines using different variants of stitching there have been developed the most 
advantageous methods of joint performance which give the highest parameters of endurance (ie belt end preparation for stitching, number of inserted joints, joint rows spacing). 

The best strength results in the case of strongly burdened conveyors, are achieved by applying of 4 or more rows of joints. Proper belt end preparation for stitching is very important. Methods of belt end preparation and space between joints are shown in the exemplary pictures.  In the pictures there shown a stitching for 5 and 7 rows of R28 conveyor belt fasteners, such stitching is recommended to use for 1000-4000 m long strongly burdened conveyor belts with the strength of 1600 – 2500 kN/m and more. But more rows of joints can be used, for example 10, if a user stated such a necessity. On average burdened 100-2000 m 
long conveyors with the strength of 1000 – 1600 kN/m there can be used for example 5, 7 rows of joints and on 500 –1000 m long lightly burdened conveyors with the strength of 800 – 1000 kN/m 3, 4 rows are used. 

Given solutions are recommended however final use depends on specific character of the
conveyor function as well as on the user who must take into consideration all factors responsible for conveyor function:  its length, burden (conveyor can work in the ramp). 
The age of the belt is also important. When belt is new holes for joints should be made with Ø5,5 drill bit but when  the belt is already being used for several months with a Ø5,0 drill bit. Correct mounting prevents from appearing of so called hump in the place of stitching as well as shifts. 

Note: it’s forbidden to apply glue in the place of joining.

R28 fasteners set

Euro 15.
  • price for 25 pcs set, 
  • min. 100 set in box

R28 fasteners set

Euro 50.
  • price for 100 pcs set,
  • min. 25 set in box

R28 fasteners set

Euro  99.
  • price for 200 pcs set,
  • min. 25 set in box

R28 Tool

Euro 199.
  • Containe tool, templets
  • min. 1 set

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